Eye Specialists’ Laser & Surgery Center

Our state of the art eye surgery center is located right here in Fort Myers, directly south of the five story clinic building, and is named Eye Specialists’ Laser & Surgery Center. The surgery center was built in 2009 and opened in 2010.

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The Facility

The facility is Medicare certified to perform cataract surgery and has also passed State of Florida Certification. Inspections of the facility, to receive “DEEMED” status occur every three years and the survey is conducted by AAAHC. AAAHC is accredited by Medicare to conduct facility inspections.

The surgery center is currently authorized to perform surgeries involving the eye and orbit only so when you have surgery at our center the staff is concentrating on just the eyes and nothing else. We have two operating rooms as well as admitting and post operative care areas. There is a waiting room for persons who have accompanied the surgical patient, with WI-FI, coffee and television available for them.

The surgery center is owned by four Ophthalmologists and we have nine other Ophthalmologists on staff. We perform over five thousand procedures per year consisting of cataract, glaucoma, retina procedures, corneal transplants and skin procedures surrounding the eye. Our center also has the new Femto-second laser which increases precision during cataract procedures. The facility also features surgical tables that start out as a chair for the patient to sit in and have the necessary pre operative procedure and then the chair becomes a surgery table, reclining flat so the surgeon can perform the operation. After the operation the table is returned to a chair for the patient to recover in. There is no need to transfer a patient from bed to bed adding comfort and safety to the surgical experience.

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