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For more than three decades in Fort Myers, Dr. Mark Gorovoy has used his expertise to help people improve their eyesight.

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Accurate diagnosis and treatment

Preventive Eye Care

Preventive Care

Early detection of potential issues

Personalized Advice

Personalized Advice

Tailored recommendations

Eye Conditions & Procedures

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Fuch’s Dystrophy

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Cornea Transplants

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Research and scanning eye, close-up photos, retinal diagnostics in ophthalmology

Glaucoma Management

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Lasik treatment. Laser vision correction. Doctor examines fundus in microscope, patient under sterile cover

Cataract Surgery

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General Checkup

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Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide superior care.

  • Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

    We have a comprehensive understanding of ocular health, including the latest diagnostic tools and treatments.

  • Attention to Detail

    We know that good eye care involves intricate procedures and precise measurements.

  • Highly Trained Doctors

    Each of our medical professionals is exceptionally skilled and possesses extensive training in their respective fields.

Young woman reception doctor ophthalmologist to check quality of eye vision. Concept diagnosis and treatment of myopia, hyperopia.
The operation on the eye. Cataract surgery

Surgery Center

Our state of the art eye surgery center is located right here in Fort Myers and is named Eye Specialists’ Laser & Surgery Center.

Discover Exceptional Vision at our Third Level Eyewear Shop

We Stock Premium Ophthalmic Frames and Lenses. For an Unmatched Blend of Quality and Style, Visit Our Optical Shop Following Your Office Appointment.

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Contact Lenses & More

Enjoy the convenience of shopping for your vision care essentials on our online store.

With just a single click, you can conveniently order contact lenses, eye drops, and more, delivered straight to your doorstep!

What People Are Saying About Gorovoy

Linda B.

It’s nice to be cared for by such compassionate doctors and staff. I like having things explained in non-medical jargon that I understand. All our family and friends that I’ve sent there tell me what a good decision they made to follow my recommendation.

Birgit W.

They're very thorough. They ran all kinds of interesting state-of-the art tests on my eyes. It was like a fun science field trip!

Lucy M.

I’ve had a Coke bottle prescription since elementary school. Less than 24 hours after Lasik surgery to correct severe nearsighted vision in BOTH eyes, I can see perfectly. He was patient and caring through the whole process. This is the best decision I’ve made to correct my vision and see Dr. Gorovoy. BTW, he did the same for my husband over 20 years ago, and he still doesn’t need glasses. Thank you for a wonderful experience and for changing my life.

Kathleen K.

Excellent! As a registered nurse, I immediately was at ease with the quality of care that was provided during surgery. Excellent infection control measures. Dr. Gorovoy and his team provide high quality and safe care!

Melody T.

I am very pleased with Dr. Stacey Gorovoy and Gorovoy Eye. She is an exceptional ophthalmologist, very caring, and professional. She gives each patient a lot of time. She diagnosed my double vision problem and correctly prescribed lenses with Prisms in both my reading and distance glasses and polarized sunglasses. Both lenses are made by Varilux. These eyeglasses have changed my life. I can finally read with new reading and distance eyeglasses. It has been a long time since I have been able to do it. Also, I can now drive at night, which I could not do before. My polarized sunglasses are working very well also. Greg and Aly are terrific, friendly, helpful, professional, and professional opticians. They picked out the right lens for me and give clients all of the necessary time to adjust their eyeglasses. The quality of care at Gorovoy Eye is unmatched. My wife is a retired nurse and always recommends Gorovoy Eye to our friends for eye exams, cataract removal, etc. We would not go to any other opthamology practice.

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