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Dr. Mark Gorovoy has been practicing and specializing in treating difficult eye problems in Fort Myers for the past 30 years. He is fellowship trained to treat and repair issues related to the front part of the eye. Dr. Gorovoy is not your average cataract surgeon and is highly trained to perform difficult cataract surgeries as well as repair issues that can occur after surgery.   He also is highly trained to perform complex surgeries to the cornea due to injury or disease. Dr. Gorovoy is a leading corneal transplant surgeon able to perform the newest procedure known as DMEK and he also helped pioneer the DSAEK procedure with fellow colleagues. The DSAEK procedure was the first surgery to replace the standard PKP (full thickness corneal transplant) with the safer single layer transplant surgery. Dr. Gorovoy also performs procedures such as DALK and SALK to repair damage to the outer layers of the cornea due to trauma or infection.

Dr. Mark S. Gorovoy is a leading glaucoma surgeon and will implant shunt devices or perform a canaloplasty for patients who cannot control eye pressure with a drop regimen. He will follow the progress of the patient’s glaucoma and recommend different drop regimens or surgery on an individual basis.

Gorovoy MD Eye Specialists will also treat patients with macular degeneration and will use the latest techniques such as intraocular injection of Avastin or Eyela to try to preserve vision.

Dr. Mark Gorovoy performs upper eyelid surgery for patients who have upper eyelids that sag down into the visual field causing limited field of view and performs Lasik for patients who no long wish to wear glasses or contacts on a regular basis.  Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists further specializes in scleral contact lenses for patients with dry eye or a pathological situation known as Keratoconus.

In 2012, Dr. Mark Gorovoy and staff welcomed his daughter, Dr. Stacey E. Gorovoy-Kunc to the practice. Dr. Stacey is a fellowship trained corneal specialist and can perform the same procedures as Dr. Mark Gorovoy. Since joining the practice, she has become a busy, successful part of our practice and welcomes new patients. Dr. Stacey Gorovoy sees patients ages 6 and up with healthy eyes or with eye problems. She specializes in: cataracts; glaucoma; macular degeneration; kerataconous; Fuchs’ dystrophy; pterygium; corneal ulcers and drooping eyelids plus many other eye conditions. She is also a specialist in ultra-thin corneal transplantations .. ie. DMEK or DSAEK.

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